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Abdominoplasty – the way to beauty

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Tummy tuck is the best way to cope with the mess which left after pregnancy or great weight loss. This procedure is needed to remove folds of sagged skin, fat and restore the muscular structure of abdomen. Abdominoplasty is not the same as liposuction. It is more complicated procedure, which includes surgical construction of abdominal muscle wall. Tummy tuck can be combined with rasvaimu.

How does it work?

is held in hospital in operating room under general anesthesia. It will take from 2 to 6 hours depends on difficulty. Restoring period will start from 1 to 3 days in hospital.

After the anesthesia the surgeon will make a cut across abdomen above the pubic area to have access to the fat and muscles. Than surgeon remove excess fatty tissue and love handles. In general surgeries skin and fat from the sides of abdomen are also removed by surgeon. Muscle wall may be tightened

Areas of fat pockets require mini vatsan muotoilu with much smaller cuts. After the manipulations described above surgeon will close the cut with stitches. There may be special flat drain tubes, inserted by surgeon. They needed to drain liquid which gather in cut. During the first part of restoring period patient will wear special elastic bondage.

For less complicated situations surgeon may use endoscopic method of invasion. All manipulations are performed with thin instruments putted under skin through small cuts. Surgeon observes operating area via small camera and operates with small remote controlled instruments.

Reasons to have a procedure

Described operation refers to elective or plastiikkakirurgia because this kind of procedures is not necessary and held due to patients wish. They are usually unnecessary for health reasons. Surgical abdomen repair can chance one’s appearance in a better way. It makes abdomen flat and tighten the folds of sagged skin. In some cases this procedure is needed to remove rashes and infections underneath folds of skin.

Also tummy tuck can be useful when:

  1. Physical exercises can’t bring back a tonus to abdomen muscles. This is characteristically problem for women which had several pregnancies.
  2. Overweighed people lose lots of weight during small time. Skin can’t tighten by itself, so it must be removed operationally.

Abdominoplasty is an operation of major surgery so one’s need to explore the maximum number of theoretical material. Also tummy tuck can’t be used as alternative way of weight loss.


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